Golden Retrievers have many stages of growth, from small puppies, to energetic adolescence, to full grown. Golden Retrievers are larger dogs, so their stages of growth are significant from puppy to adulthood. This blog will outline the average growth patterns for Golden Retrievers through the stages of puppyhood to adulthood. 

Typically adult golden Retrievers are around 23-25 inches in height, and weigh in the range of 65-70 pounds as a healthy adult dog. The average size of a Golden Retriever puppy is roughly 10 to 12 ounces, and roughly 10-12 inches in length. This is a massive difference in size from birth to adulthood, which means the stages of growth are often significant. This blog will help you to prepare for the growth stages of your Golden Retriever puppy, and what to expect size wise as they continue to grow into adulthood. 

Birth to three months

The first three months of a puppy’s life are often significant, and the amount of growth that most Golden Retriever puppies experience in these first three months is quite impressive. Generally the puppies are ready to go home somewhere between months 2 and 3, which means this portion of growth is usually monitored and witnessed by your breeder. Between 12-16 weeks old is when your Golden Retriever puppy will start to look more like their adult version than their puppy version. 

These first few months are also when many neurological growth patterns happen. This is the stage where a great amount of motor skills are learned as the puppies grow both in mental stages as well as physical ones. Proper nutrition is incredibly important in this first stage of growth, as well as the next, in order to ensure proper growth. (insert link to nutritional blog)

Three to six months

Months three through six are also a very intense growth stage for Golden Retrievers. Over this three month period, your Golden Retriever will experience rapid growth, and it isn’t out of the ordinary for them to pack on some weight as they grow. This period of growth is intense, and like the stage before it, proper nutrition is one of the biggest factors to ensure that your puppy grows properly. 

By the six month mark, your Golden Retriever’s growth rate will start to slow down, having hit roughly 2/3rds of their adult weight by this point. By six months old, they will also look much more like their adult versions, losing more and more of the puppy appearances. 

Six to twelve months

Between the age of 6 months and twelve months, most Golden Retriever puppies will have reached their full height. During this stage, you may notice some muscle development as their bodies continue to mature towards adulthood, which is why proper nutrition and exercise is incredibly important for your growing pup. 

As your pup continues in this growth stage, you may continue to see growth in terms of weight as their muscles continue to grow. You may also start to see some changes in their coats, as they continue to mature to adulthood. Twelve months is also roughly the age most Golden Retrievers will reach sexual maturity. 

Twelve to Eighteen Months

This growth stage will be less significant, as your pup has likely finished growing in height. They will continue to develop muscle and may continue to gain some weight as their bodies mature more and more with each month.

This is also the stage where you may really start to notice changes in their coat condition as they continue to mature. This stage is where muscle development may be most notable. 

Eighteen to Twenty-Four Months

This is considered the last of the growth stages by many sources. By two years old, Golden Retrievers are considered adult dogs and weight gain should taper off. By two years, their bodies have matured into adulthood, however you may still see improvement in muscle development and coat conditions as they continue through this phase. 

While your Golden Retriever may reach full height by one year old, growth doesn’t stop until they reach the age of two years, which is considered adulthood by many. 

It is important to note that mental growth will still continue through this stage, which is where continued consistent training will help your pup continue to mature into a well rounded adult dog. 


Golden Retrievers may be born small, averaging in weight between 10-12 ounces at birth, but their first year of growth is incredibly rapid. They will have significant stages of growth throughout their first year of life, with growth slowing down through the second year, where adulthood is achieved. 

Proper nutrition, exercise and understanding of these growth stages are three key points any new Golden Retriever owner needs to know to understand how best to work with these rapidly growing pups. 

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