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At Rejoice Retrievers, the joy of connecting families with their new furry companions is at the heart of what we do. Don’t just take our word for it – read what our happy families have to say about their experiences with our puppies and our breeding program.


We had a great experience working with Joyce at Rejoice Retrievers. She answered all our questions quickly & competently . We bought a sweet older female “Starr “ and couldn’t be happier!! She is in great health, super gentle & loving. My husband & I highly recommend Rejoice Retrievers !!


We purchased our puppy from Rejoice Retrievers in September, and the whole experience was pleasant. We drove down to Oklahoma to choose and pick up our puppy and were pleasantly surprised by how clean and efficient the whole operation was. The facility was tidy and well-organized. After sitting down and playing with the puppies for a while, the transaction was smooth


We love our Milo, he’s the blessing to our home I hoped for. Thanks again.

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