If you’re a golden retriever owner (or potential/future owner), you’ll want to keep this guide on hand!

As the proud owner (or future owner) of a golden retriever, the health of your dog is a top priority. To keep your golden retriever in peak health, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of all-things-diet-and-nutrition for golden retrievers.

This article will provide you with the most important information you’ll need to know, setting you up to be the best golden retriever parent you can be!

Golden Retriever Nutrition


The daily caloric needs of your golden retriever will vary depending on whether they are active or on the lazier side.

Here are the general caloric needs of an adult golden retriever based on their activity level:

Non-Active Adult Golden Retriever – 25-30 calories per pound of body weight daily total

Active Adult Golden Retriever – 30-40 calories per pound of body weight daily total

Here are the general caloric needs of a golden retriever puppy:

Golden Retriever Puppy – 55-60 calories per pound of body weight daily total

Depending on the age of your golden retriever, you will split their daily caloric intake over more than one feeding per day.  

When you want to give your dog more of what they need and less of what they don’t, PawTree is the answer! This highly digestible food is packed with the nutrition that your dog needs. With more nutrients per calorie, you’ll give your dog more love with each bite (and less waste).


Your golden retriever will need to maintain a well-balanced diet that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Here are some ingredients you’ll want to keep in your golden retriever’s diet:

Chicken Meal
Chicken Fat
Turkey Meal
Salmon Meal
Salmon Oil
Coconut Oil
Canola Oil
Brown Rice
Pearled Barley
Dried Lentils
Dried Carrots
Dried Broccoli
Dried Peas
Dried Chickpeas
Dried Sweet Potatoes
Dried Pumpkin
Dried Spinach
Dried Parsley
Dried Apples
Dried Blueberries
Dried Cranberries
Dried Papaya

When you ensure that your dog is consistently consuming all of these essential nutrients, here are the benefits they will receive in return:

Lustrous Coat
Healthy Energy Levels
Decreased Health Issues

Take a closer look at why each of these nutrients is vital to your golden retriever’s overall health:

Proteins – help with muscle maintenance.

Carbohydrates – aid in maintaining healthy energy levels.

Fats – contribute to their lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Fiber – creates healthy digestion.

Vitamins/Minerals – support strong bones, immunity, and metabolism.

To help prevent any health issues from occurring, you can make sure that your golden retriever’s diet includes ingredients that aid in joint health and are rich in antioxidants. Also, feeding your dog dry food aids in their overall dental health.

Best Food for Golden Retriever: PawTree

When you want nothing but the best for your golden retriever, look no further than PawTree for all your nutritional needs!

They source premium, human-grade ingredients and they work with a team of trusted vets and PhDs in animal science to create all of their products.

At Rejoice Retrievers, we partner with PawTree to ensure that you’re getting the very best quality products for your golden retriever companion.

PawTree Dog Food Options

You have many nutritious and delicious options to choose from when deciding which dog food to buy for your beloved dog. Here are your options:

With PawTree, you can confidently feed your pet and know you’re fueling them with the proper nutrition needed to support their optimal health and vitality.

“Treating” Your Golden Retriever Right

Now that you understand more about the diet and nutrition your golden retriever needs, don’t forget the most important part – the treats!

If you want to “treat” your golden retriever right, you’ll need to know all about the healthiest (and yummiest) treats that are both nutritious and delicious.

NuVet Plus

At Rejoice Retrievers, we make sure that your golden retriever puppy starts off on the right “paw”.

How do we do so, you ask?

By giving them a daily immunity support supplement, NuVet Plus!

You can continue to provide your golden retriever with this wonderful supplement. However, you can’t find NuVet in stores. You can only get NuVet with an order code through an authorized pet professional.

Thankfully, we have a code just for you! Just call the manufacturer directly at 800-474-7044 and use the Order Code: 407274!

Want to know the “pawsome” benefits this supplement will give your golden retriever? Take a look:

Golden Retriever Puppies: NuVet Plus fills the immunity gap that all puppies experience. It will also help to ensure that your puppy’s immune system responds properly when they begin to receive their puppy vaccines!

Golden Retriever Adults: NuVet Plus aids in the healthy skin of your golden retriever and keeps their coat shiny. It also helps improve your dog’s energy levels, mood, and quality of life!

Golden Retriever Seniors: NuVet Plus keeps your dog’s blood sugar levels healthy and improves their glucose production. Overall, this supplement will provide your senior golden retriever with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants it needs to live a long, healthy life!

You can give NuVet Plus to your canine companion every day and they’ll just think you’re giving them a treat! The added health benefits are nice too, right?

Dog Treat Options

When you want to reward your dog with some treats, you don’t need to compromise their health! Look at all these treat options you can get from PawTree:

Or… If you want to add even more love to their treats, you can make them yourself by using any of the PawTree Baking Mixes and Cookie Cutters!

Digestive Issues Explained

Would you be able to recognize if your golden retriever was having any digestive issues? Chances are that you may not know what signs to look for (Don’t worry – you can learn here!).

So, what are digestive issues, exactly?

Digestive issues are anything that causes your dog to not properly digest their food. It could also be anything that changes the rate at which food passes through their digestive tract.

To be the best parent to your dog, you’ll need to be aware of any potential digestive health issues your golden retriever may encounter so you can seek help from their veterinarian as soon as possible.

Here are some symptoms that your dog may exhibit if they’re having digestive issues:

Diarrhea/Soft Stools
Passing Gas
Gurgling Stomach
Appetite Changes
Itchy Skin

Here are some golden retriever health issues relating to their digestion:

Digestive Issue



Being overweight;

Can lead to other health issues like diabetes, cancer, dysplasia.


When the stomach gets over-distended with either gas or food.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)


When the stomach twists around on itself.


Damaging immune responses relating to particular substances or foods.

Acute Gastroenteritis

Inflammation of the stomach lining/intestines.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


Potentially life-threatening;

inflammation of the pancreas.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)

When small intestines can’t digest food properly due to issues with enzymes produced by the pancreas.


Difficulty emptying bowels, usually from dehydration.


Knowing the signs of potential digestive issues in your golden retriever can be the difference between life and death. If you do notice any signs of golden retriever health issues relating to their digestion, contact their veterinarian immediately for advice.


Keeping your golden retriever healthy is your top priority as a pet parent. When you understand what nutrients your golden retriever needs and what dog food will best meet those nutritional needs, you’re on the right track!

Also, “treat” them right by showing them your love through what you’re feeding them!

Help your dog maintain a healthy weight and look for signs of digestive issues so you can inform their veterinarian if need be.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a happy and healthy golden retriever!


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