Not all breeders are created equal; breeders and their programs can vary greatly. So what makes us stand out? Glad you asked! We are proud participants in the BAB Breeding program (Bad Ass Breeders). This is a curriculum that allows us to help empower our puppies to become the very best versions of themselves. Not only do we utilize the BAB Breeding Program, but we also put a heavy emphasis on nutrition and temperament evaluations. 

Maybe you aren’t sure what all of that means; no worries there. We are going to dive in, taking a deeper look at how we work tirelessly to ensure that our puppies are empowered to become the best and fullest versions of themselves that they can be. 

What exactly is the BAB Breeding Program (Bad Ass Breeders) 

The Bad Ass Breeder curriculum is a series of exercises, and methods that when combined help teach, empower, and prepare puppies for a successful life with their new families. The BAB Breeding Program involves Early Scent Introduction (ESI), Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), and other exercises that help empower the puppy to be less fearful, more intelligent, increase their stress management skills, and empower better behavioral habits through puppyhood and into adulthood. 

The BAB Breeding Program is implemented when the puppies are only three days old, and it starts with a series of basic exercises that help prepare the puppy when it comes to being held, touched, and handled. These exercises are done once a day, and include holding the puppies in different positions, touching their feet and toes, touching their tails. This allows the puppies to become accustomed to being handled and touched by the new families, veterinarians, etc. This first set of five exercises is done between day 3 and day 16 of the puppies life, where ENS exercises are done to help stimulate the neurological growth of the puppies. 

Simultaneously, during day 3 through 16, the puppies are also introduced to new scents using the ESI exercises. This is where puppies are introduced to new smells both inside and outside of their whelping box. This process helps empower the puppies when it comes to smelling strange things like toys, animals, and even new people. These exercises are done to help teach and empower new puppies with stress management skills when it comes to the unknown and new scents. 

Day 18 is when a puppies ears are fully opened up, allowing them to hear properly. This is when we start introducing new and different sounds to the puppies both inside and outside of the whelping box. By introducing new sounds, we are empowering our puppies with the skills and stress management tools they need to handle strange new sounds that they will encounter throughout their adult life. 

After graduating their ENS and ESI curriculum, the puppies continue to go through handling exercises to help desensitize them to human touch. This is an important step as it helps to empower the puppies to fear less, and learn the necessary stress management skills that they will need to become well rounded, socialized, and intelligent dogs. 

Other exercises the puppies go through includes supervised play both inside and outside of the whelping box, which includes a wide variety of toys and objects, to ensure that the puppies are able to handle new and strange things, like plastic bottles, toys that make noise, and many other things. This process helps to empower well rounded puppies, that will have less fear, better management skills, better social skills and increases their knowledge base. 

What is the puppy temperament evaluations

We take the time to evaluate each puppies temperament before they are paired with a new family. This is incredibly important, because it helps us to ensure that families are paired with the puppies that will help continue to empower their unique personalities. Temperament evaluations help us to map out each puppies temperament, personality and needs so that when a family fills out a puppy application we can ensure that the puppy they go home with will fit their needs and lifestyle and that family will continue to empower the puppies as they grow into adulthood. 

It is incredibly important that puppies are properly paired with the right families; this ensures that the puppies will remain in a home where they are continued to be empowered to be the best version of themselves, and it will ensure that families are less likely to return the puppy due to a clash in personalities. That is why we put such a heavy emphasis on our temperament evaluations. They help to ensure the process of pairing puppies with families will go as smoothly as possible, with the best long term results.  To read even more about our temperament testing, head over to our temperament testing blog! (insert link to temperament testing blog) 

Why is nutrition so important to us and our breeding program

We put a heavy emphasis on proper nutrition for our Golden Retriever parents and our puppies. A proper diet is not only important for the long term health of your adult dog, but it is also incredibly important for the proper growth and development of our puppies. We have a blog that outlines the proper nutrition needs for your new golden retriever, as well as our recommended brand of dog food and pet supplements. You can head over to that blog to read all of the details on properly feeding your new golden retriever based on their activity level.


We at Rejoice Retrievers have spent years educating ourselves as breeders to continue increasing our knowledge of breeding amazing golden retriever puppies, and raising them to shine above the rest. Our dedication to remaining experts in the field of raising intelligent, healthy and well rounded golden retrievers is something we do not take lightly. We believe in taking the time to not only raise and empower our puppies, evaluate them, and give them the best nutrition, but to also explain and educate our prospective new families on the how and why we do things. 

By using the breeding program that we do, we are able to empower our puppies with knowledge, skills, and a strong foundation that they will need to be successful with their families and become the amazing adult dogs we know they are capable of.  By using our time tested temperament evaluations, we are also able to ensure that our puppies are matched to the perfect families, ensuring that they will continue to be empowered and happy in their new homes. 

With our emphasis on nutrition, we not only provide proper nutrition to our puppies as they grow with us, but we help our new families to understand the nutritional needs of their new golden retriever. Ensuring that our new families understand the needs of their new golden retriever is very important to us, which is why we take the time to write our educational blogs.  We want our puppies to have an empowered and healthy long life in their new homes. 

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